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Our Team

We work with early stage startups and scale-ups in their growth journey - from marketing strategy formulation through sustained growth. Your growth is our business!


Jyoti Das

Over 25 years in leading transformation across Supply Chain, Enterprise IT, Product Management, and Marketing. With broad and deep experience in business transformation in tech giants like Intel and driving growth in startups by creative business model engineering, Jyoti is a valuable advisor for startups and established organizations seeking guidance on strategic planning, new emerging technologies, marketing and explosive growth. His broad areas of expertise include product management, digital transformation, analytics, domestic and international markets, and solutions engineering.


Anand Padhye

Anand is entrepreneurial and technically savvy leader with skills in program management, business operations, team building and agile technology development. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, running, soccer and movies.


Aditi Priyadarshini

Aditi has graduated with a Masters degree in International Economics and Management from the University of Paderborn, Germany. The knowledge of Economics and Management blends with her passion of Growth Hacking and analytics to groom her unique expertise in Econometrics. 
At Avantaze, Aditi is managing and initiating growth strategies for several startups. She is a trained odissi dancer, an avid painter and enjoys playing video games.

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Sapraj Mohanty

A seasoned business transformation leader with more than 12 years of expertise in commercial management across retail banking products & services and wealth management. An extraordinary focus on execution, to produce the desired results. Conceiving, developing and executing strategies that drive Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Strategy Planning & Turnaround Management is what Sapraj does best. Throughout his career, he has successfully managed complex business functions/initiatives and achieved exceptional results.


Alaukika Parab

More than 13 years of marketing experience in building strategic alliance to customize and deliver user centric solutions. Conceptualize and implement digital marketing initiatives including SEO, SEM, Email marketing, and social media. Increase brand visibility and growth. Execute content strategy and online marketing campaigns to deliver compelling business value to stakeholders. Acquired Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Joshua Armonio


Being engaged in driving a Growth Engine at Avantaze, Joshua's Growth Hacking expertise lean towards the Digital Media Marketing realm. He plays a critical role in a team of  strategists architecting Marketing Tactics, Data Analysis, Branding, and Strategic Organizational Development. Before joining Avantaze, Joshua immigrated from South East Asia, and was a B2B entrepreneur who guides businesses and companies, specializing with Brand Development through Digital Media Marketing such as video production, product photography, and web development in the United States and in Asia. 

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